Mophie’s Juice Pack is back for iPhones



Mophie, a well-known accessory manufacturer under Zagg’s ownership, has unveiled its latest announcement at CES, marking the return of the popular Juice Pack battery cases. This time, the spotlight is on the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Tailored Power Solutions for iPhone Models

The Juice Pack series, renowned for offering additional battery life packaged in a protective case, now caters to the distinctive needs of three iPhone models. Each version features a different-sized internal battery, ensuring users can strike an optimal balance between protection and extended usage.

  • iPhone 15 Version: Equipped with a 2,400mAh internal battery.
  • iPhone 15 Pro Version: Features a 2,600mAh internal battery.
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max Version: Boasts a capacious 2,800mAh internal battery.

Strategic Omission of iPhone 15 Plus: Understanding Market Dynamics

The absence of an iPhone 15 Plus version in the Juice Pack lineup is explained by Zagg spokesperson Jeff DuBois. The decision reflects a pragmatic evaluation of market dynamics, with a focus on more widely adopted iPhone models. This strategic move aligns with consumer preferences and market demand.

Conservative Approach for Widely Adopted Devices

Mophie’s decision to prioritize more popular iPhone models aligns with industry norms. This conservative approach ensures a broader reach and impact in the market, enhancing the overall success of the Juice Pack relaunch.

Pricing and Preorder Information

The pricing strategy for the new Juice Pack series is set at $99.95, reflecting the premium quality and functionality associated with Mophie’s products. Preorders for these battery cases will be available on Mophie’s website starting late February.

Beyond Juice Pack: Qi2-Compatible Accessories

Mophie has more to offer consumers beyond the Juice Pack series. The company unveiled Qi2-compatible accessories, including the Snap Plus Powerstation Mini Stand, Snap Plus 3-in-1 stand, and Snap Plus wireless charging vent mount. Originally slated for a launch in the previous year, these accessories will finally hit the market in March.

  • Snap Plus Powerstation Mini Stand: Compact and versatile solution for on-the-go charging, doubling as a stand for convenient device use.
  • Snap Plus 3-in-1 Stand: A multi-functional charging solution, accommodating multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Snap Plus Wireless Charging Vent Mount: Enhances in-car charging convenience, ensuring a seamless and wire-free experience while on the road.

Mophie’s Commitment to Innovation and Quality

Mophie’s commitment to delivering innovative and high-quality accessories remains evident with these latest announcements. The company continues to address the evolving needs of smartphone users, combining functionality, style, and practicality in its product offerings. As technology advances and smartphones become increasingly integral to daily life, Mophie’s contributions play a crucial role in enhancing the overall user experience. The anticipation surrounding the Juice Pack relaunch and the new Qi2-compatible accessories indicates a continued demand for reliable and innovative solutions in the realm of mobile device accessories.

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